This page shows lots of photos and videos all for you, in order to make you understand what a fantastic place it is. And now relax....... and switch off everything around tou and.......absolutely in silence you can start this interactive travel.
We hope you would appreciate it.
Here you are some photos to describe the place, the history, the flora and fauna and the transparent water of the Tovel Lake.



From the Lago Rosso Hotel you can go walking along the path of the lake. Everybody can do it. The path covered about 1 h and 30 min. In these postcards you can see some panoramas, you can meet during the excursion.




And to put an end to this tracking shot of images, we propose a video that lasts some minutes:

- Walking aroun the lake -

Are you ready?....... Let’s go to the path of the Tovel Lake. It’s a path that covers for about 2500 m the perimeter of the lake. Everybody can try this excursion. Along the South-Est part of the path, you can find all the signals for the Rislà Falls, that we suggets you to visit. Always on the same shore of the lake you can find some little beaches, where you can quitly sunbath or do a cold bath in the clear and bright waters of the lake.

- Tovel and outskirts –excursion on the 314 path -

You mast try this path if you to Tovel. It starts exactly from the car –parking of our hotel(1178 m). The path starts at the crossroads for Valscura (1555m), than it continues in the direction for Malga Pozzol (1632m) and Malga Flavona( 1860 m). At this point you can choose if you want to reach Passo Grostè (2180m) in order to see Madonna di Campiglio ( a famous touristic center ) or if you prefer to take the 330 path for Malga Termoncello (1856 m) and come back to Tovel Lake.

- San Romediò’s Sanctuary -

For a day of culture. We suggets you to visit this sanctuary in Sanzeno. It’s surrounded by the wild nature of Val di Non. The sanctuary seems to be a mystic fairyland. The structure is composed by little churches and chapels, built on a rock, that is 90 metres high and they follow the conformation of the rock. But you must see it with your own eyes.
You can reach the sanctuary in 40 minutes by car.